Columbia Shallows, Palancar Gardens and/ or Paradise reef

Ever find yourself in situations where you and your travel partner have different interests? Your partner wants to dive but you want to snorkel. Look no further as Maple Leaf Scuba has the perfect solution for you. Come along with us and take in a day of snorkeling. Share the dive boat with your partner while he/she dives.

There are a few reefs in Cozumel which are shallow enough for snorkeling. Among them include:

Columbia Shallows provides for one of the best reefs to snorkel on the island due to the rich profusion of corals. It is one of the southern reefs with mild current in a protected bay area. It is a shallow reef so it isn’t usually visited often for diving due to the distance which means you will see more fish and turtles that have been relatively undisturbed. Divers will dive the nearby reef Columbia Deep.

Palancar Gardens is another popular snorkeling reef. It is shallow with large coral heads which attract tons of fish and other bigger marine life ie. Turtles, nurse sharks, groupers, barracudas etc. You will find both divers and snorkelers on this reef.

Paradise is the most visited snorkeling reef due to its proximity to town. There are beautiful coral heads that range from 10 -20 feet tall that jut out of the sandy bottom. You will see schools of grunts, snappers, sergeant majors, and many queen angelfish. You can find anemones and an assortment of nice sponges clinging to the coral heads. Just about every kind of fish from the area can be found here. A must see snorkeling location.

Price : $75 per snorkeler. Includes all equipment, water, light snacks and two snorkeling locations. There is a $5 US marine park fee.

A snorkel guide will be provided.

We can accommodate morning and afternoon trips.

Come snorkel with Maple Leaf Scuba for an unforgettable experience, contact us now to book your snorkeling trip.

El Cielo Snorkeling Tour

Come join us on a snorkel tour to El Cielo! El Cielo means heaven in English, so there you have it- a little bit of heaven on earth. El Cielo is only accessible by boat. The snorkeling is the best and the waters provide excellent visibility. It's the perfect way to spend a day while here on vacation in Cozumel.

Minimum five snorkelers.

Price: $70 each person. Includes all equipment, light snacks, beer, sodas, water and a fun-filled day.