Glenda Meade

Owner / Master Instructor

Glenda was born and raised in Newfoundland, Canada. As a teenager, she spent much of her time learning about boats, learning to maneuver the tricky waters of the North Atlantic and gaining a tremendous amount of insight on the ocean.

Before moving to Cozumel, she lived in Toronto, Ontario where she enjoyed a successful career in Accounting which took her to numerous exotic locations throughout the world. Her last position with an international company as Director of Audit, took her on several business trips to Nicaragua. It was during that last trip, a traumatic kidnapping experience changed her life forever. After years of trying to recover and with absolutely no possibility of returning to her former position, she was forced to make career changes to move forward.

In the fall of 2013, while reassessing her future, she took a trip to the beautiful island of Cozumel. Deep in the tranquil waters, she gained newfound courage and strength to pursue a new exhilarating career in the diving industry.

Eager to share the immense beauty and tranquility of the island, she decided to open Maple Leaf Scuba in the spring of 2016.



Sandra Wisler

Front Desk Receptionist- Open Water Diver

Sandra was born and raised in Sumiswald near Bern, Switzerland. She has lived and worked in Belgium, volunteered in Peru, completed an internship in France and now resides in Cozumel.

She is a university graduate where she studied Multilingual Communications. She has worked in Marketing and Communications for a number of years within the Industrial Sector. Her native language is Swiss-German but she also speaks French and English fluently.

She started diving in 2022 while on a vacation in Egypt. She has since been diving in many parts of the world. After much exposure to the diving industry,  she longed to be closer to the ocean - to learn and prosper within the industry.

After seeing a job posting online for a position as Front Desk Receptionist, Sandra immediately took the opportunity and moved to Cozumel to follow  her passion. She feels extremely lucky to be able to work in a field that she is so passionate about. She is eager to welcome and assist visitors from all around the world to explore the beautiful underwater world and marine life that Cozumel has to offer.




Meghan Reilley

Master Instructor 

Meghan comes to us from Chicago, USA. She holds a Masters in Education Administration whereby she spent 13 years as a High School Teacher.

She has lived and worked in Cozumel now for almost a decade leaving behind her first career to pursue a career as a Dive Instructor. She has a tremendous amount of Instructor experience from previously having worked in an Instructor Development Center. Meghan loves to teach and is passionate about sharing her diving knowledge with new and experienced divers.

Meghan enjoys spending time with her young daughter and mingling with friends.

Cecilia Pereyra

Open Water Scuba Instructor

Cecilia or Ceci as she likes to be called was born and raised in Montevideo, Uruguay until she was eight years old. Her father was an Architect that traveled based on projects so she found herself  living in various parts of Spain during her teenage years. Upon High School, she studied Economics for three years but later realized her passion lay within the diving industry.

This passion for diving started in Brazil where she first explored the underwater world. With this new experience and a desire to learn more ,Ceci moved to Thailand to become a Divemaster. After obtaining her divemaster coupled with a passion for traveling,  Ceci moved to Australia where she began her Open water Instructor course. After spending two years in Australia, she decided she wanted to move to Mexico to explore the cenotes and the beautiful reefs of Cozumel.

Ceci's native language is Spanish. She also speaks English and Italian fluently.

In her free time, Ceci enjoys Crossfit, exploring new reefs and spending time with friends.


Charlotte Caenen

Open Water Scuba Instructor

Charlotte comes to us from Waterloo, Belgium which lies just South of Brussels.  After finishing her education, she started traveling to see the world and to experience different cultures. One year later, while on an island in the Gulf of Thailand, she decided this is where her diving career would begin. She walked into a diving center and completed all her courses from Open Water diver to Instructor.

Throughout her 10 year tenure as an Open Water Scuba Instructor, Charlotte has taught in Australia, Thailand, Spain, Tanzania, and now in Cozumel. She is passionate about diving and enjoys diving with experienced divers or those taking their first steps into the ocean.

French is her mother tongue and she speaks Spanish and English fluently.

In her free time, she enjoys beach days, hanging with friends and spending time with her boyfriend.



Leo Anyawu

Operations Manager- Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Leo was born and raised in Biella, Italy which is a town located northeast of Turin. In his early 20's, Leo decided to travel and he first landed in Australia. Within two years in Australia he obtained his Open Water and Advanced courses. He further decided to move along to Thailand where he became a Divemaster. This is where his true passion existed. With the continued travel bug, he moved from Thailand to Dominion Republic for two years where he completed his Open Water Scuba Instructor course. After Dominion Republic, Leo moved to Malaysia and again Thailand to work for a number of years as an Instructor. Learning about the Mesoamerica reef intrigued Leo to travel onward to Cozumel where Leo has now resided for the past few years.

Not only is Leo an Instructor but Leo has broadened his knowledge by completing courses as a Scuba Equipment Technician.

Leo was one of our Dive Instructors for two years and now is our Operations Manager. He manages the boat crew along with our Driver/Warehouse Clerk. He is also our inhouse Equipment Technician.

When Leo is not working, he can be found playing volleyball, taking early morning walks, and hanging out with friends along with his girlfriend.

Edson Benitez

Boat Captain- Divemaster

Edson was born in Merida, a city located in the Yucatan State of Mexico. He moved to Cozumel while in his teenage years to live closer to the ocean. He is passionate about the sea and loves his work.

He has worked in the diving industry for many years first starting out as a Warehouse Clerk progressing to a First Mate then moving on to become a Captain. He is a highly skilled and patient Captain. The boat will always be there when you surface.

Edson is a single father to two beautiful children. He enjoys taking care of his young kids, sports and diving.

Yosvani Pool

First Mate - Rescue Diver

Yosvani grew up in Cozumel and loves the island life. You will find him on the boat and sometimes around the shop.

Yosvani first started working at the age of 15 doing odd jobs in various businesses. He was fascinated by the diving industry and first started with us when he was 17 as a Warehouse Clerk and has since progressed to become our First Mate.

Anytime you see him, please be sure to talk to him though he can be quite shy. Yosvani is eager to learn English and aspires to be a divemaster one day.

In his spare time, he loves to sing rap and spend time with his girlfriend.

Alvaro Cetina

Driver/Warehouse Clerk

Alvaro was born and raised in Cozumel. He has held many different types of jobs before joining us. He was intrigued by the diving industry and aspires to become a diver one day.

He is currently our Driver and is responsible for the equipment of the shop and that of our divers. He strives to learn English so anytime you see him around be sure to communicate with him, he will do his best to communicate back. He is a delight to be around.

Alvaro is the father of three beautiful girls. He enjoys spending time with his kids and lovely wife.

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