Whale Shark Snorkeling with Maple Leaf Scuba

Partake in Whale Shark Snorkeling and let Maple Leaf Scuba offer you a snorkeling adventure that you will never forget. Don't panic!  These creatures are not your typical shark.  They are docile creatures and you should not miss the opportunity to have a snorkeling experience with these beautiful creatures. 

Whale Sharks

One of the ultimate bucket-list experiences is swimming and snorkeling alongside the largest fish in the sea. Whale Sharks are the largest fish on the planet. They can weigh up to 20,000 pounds and can grow up to 32 feet in length. Docile and unafraid, they allow us to swim close enough to observe the checkerboard pattern of pale yellow dots and stripes covering their think gray skin.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) - Endangered Species Conservation

The whale sharks of the world are on the WWF conservation animal list as being vulnerable. This species is considered to be facing a high risk of extinction in the wild. 

Because whale sharks are considered vulnerable, it is important to choose an operation that is concerned with the utmost care for these animals. Maple Leaf Scuba works only with tour operators that treat these fish with the highest level of respect. The tour boat operators are aware and trained in the movements of the whale sharks to avoid any boat collisions.  The guides are certified and give a comprehensive briefing on the rules and safety before entering the water. We try to provide the best and safest experience possible for all. 

To read more information on the endangerment of these species, click here. 

When can I snorkel with Whale Sharks?

Come snorkel with these whale sharks during Whale Shark season which typically runs from mid May to mid September.  

Where can I get picked up?

Pick ups are from Playa del Carmen or other areas of the Mayan Riviera. We offer two locations for you to see these large fish. We have trips leaving from Cancun or Holbox. Both of which are day trips. 

More Information

For this opportunity to swim and snorkel with the whale sharks of Mexico, feel free to contact Maple Leaf Scuba.