Bull Shark Diving with Maple Leaf Scuba in Playa Del Carmen

Maple Leaf Scuba offers one of the most thrilling scuba diving experiences in Mexico, providing you with the opportunity to dive with bull sharks.  This bull shark diving experience introduces the adventure seeking diver to wild bull sharks, allowing the divers to get an up-close and personal experience with these magnificent creatures.  Why wait?  Let Maple Leaf Scuba offer you a bull shark diving adventure you will never forget.

Bull Shark Diving

Bull shark diving has been increasing in popularity in the last few years. Each year, female bull sharks return to their breeding grounds in the shallow waters of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Many divers looking for their next adrenaline rush will seek out regions around the world to dive with bull sharks.

Are bull sharks aggressive?

The bull shark is an aggressive creature. They are known as one of the top three sharks that are more likely to attack humans- the Great White and Tiger shark are the other two. However, shark attacks are extremely rare with less than four shark attacks per year globally.   

Where are they normally found?

They are mostly found along shallow waters and in rivers around the world.  They can thrive in both freshwater and saltwater.

When is Bull Shark season?

Each November the bull sharks visit Playa Del Carmen for the winter and leave in March to start their migration North. Playa Del Carmen is their location of choice due to the freshwater cenotes that pump out into the sea along the coast and the abundant supply of fish.  

Many tourists arrive to Playa Del Carmen each year to dive with these sharks. There are many operations offering dive opportunities with bull sharks; however, Maple Leaf Scuba partners with a reputable operation to ensure you have a pleasant, safe and unforgettable experience.

The dives take place at 60 feet on a shallow sandy bottom. You will wait for the sharks to come to you. They will circle around you and at times, you can see up to 15-25 sharks. It is an exhilarating experience you do not want to miss.  

Requirement: You must be a certified diver with experience and good buoyancy control. 

More Information

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